• Image of TMF Pod Farm Preset Bundle

Architect´s Mix Sample

TMF Studios & Erik Monsonis are proud to introduce you to our new Pod Farm 2.5 Preset Bundle, mix ready presets for both Guitar and Bass that will make your job easier, just plug and play!
The bunldle contains 6 presets in l6t format:
-Metal Rhythm inspired on modern metal, suitable for both metalcore & Djent --> Mix context/Solo Guitar
-Metal Lead is a gentle and articulate solo preset that will cut through your mix --> Mix context
- Hyperclean is a mellow and sweet clean preset --> Mix context/Solo Guitar
- Classic Bass inspired on KSE type of sound --> Mix context/Solo Bass
- Metalcore Bass inspired on bands like All that Remains --> Mix context/Solo Bass
- Massive Bass inspired on the most extreme bass sounds -->Mix context/Solo Bass
Audio samples on Soundcloud -->Soundcloud
These presets don´t need Platinum or Metalshop upgrade and also have no post processing applied.