• Image of Upgrades starting at 9,95€

Upgrade option for previous customers!

Please choose one of the different options depending on the bundle you already have.

- Pod Farm Addon for TMF Producer users --> 9,95€
- From All Drums V1 to V2 --> 14,95€
- From All Drums V2 to TMF Producer Bundle --> 29,95€
- From TMF Cabinets to All Drums --> 29,95€
- From Selected Snares/Kicks to All Drums V2 --> 29,95 €
- From All Drums V1 to TMF Producer Bundle --> 34,95€
- From TMF Cabients to Producer Bundle --> 49,95€

This upgrade is only valid for customers that own any of the bundles listed before, further confirmation before sending the files in our data base needed.